2017: Venice Arts Biennale Italy, Personal Structures, GAA Foundation, group exhibition
2016: Alliance Francaise Arusha ‘Source’ Kilimanjaro Facing climate change, group exhibition
2016: Arusha, Olasiti Sculpture Garden Summer Sunday Concert and solo exhibition
2015: Arts from the Hear event, group exhibition, Arusha, Olasiti Sculpture Garden
2015: Arusha, Community Fair, group exhibition
2014: Dar es Salaam , Alliance Francaise solo exhibition
2013: Arusha Hotel , garden solo exhibition (from October 2012 till March 2013)
2012: Arusha Hotel, solo exhibition
2011: Arusha Christmas Fair, group exhibiton
2010: Cultural Heritage New Gallery Arusha, twin exhibition
2009: Nairobi National Museum, solo exhibition
2009: Fine Arts Gallery , Karatu , solo exhibition
2009: Ramoma Museum of Modern Art, Nairobi, group exhibition
2008: Riverhouse Arusha, solo exhibition
2007: Elewana Coffee lodge, Arusha, twin exhibition
2007: East African Arts Biennale, Dar es Salaam, group exhibition
2006: Cultural heritage, Arusha, solo exhibition
2005: Olasiti Sculpture Garden Arusha, solo exhibition